Tuesday, May 5, 2009

taste my paint yo.

update from jen's crit.

Update, finished sketch and reference comp.

Some of you have already seen the precursor to this quick sketch, i plan to have it finished by friday.


  1. Looking good man, can't say much about it until it's done though.


  2. Nice Drew-- I really like the new hands ;) The only things that bother me about the new ref comp is that I feel like the stone basin or whatever he's drawing smoke out of isn't totally centered, and it would probably look better if it was.. And also color wise, I don't know if that royal blue is working with the green-- I really liked the colors that appeared on the wall when you showed the original sketch in class, they were much less saturated and the image looked way spookier.

  3. Oh! This is coming right along Drew! The color is wonderfully spooky, and the placement of the hands looks so much better now. Though- I can totally tell they're man-hands... I think they might do with a little more grace- skinny them out, give them some nails or rings or something. I love the detail you are going for in the tats and the headdress- I haven't seen that sort of complexity from you before- now push it! Seriously, get some samples for the rest of the headress and don't leave me half satisfied, know what I mean. ;) Dos Santos that mutha!

    Go you! Those be some tasty pixels.

  4. OK- On closer inspection, I see that it's the paint overlays and glowing effects that are making the hands look meatier than they are. So just watch out for that, and make sure you maintain the form underneath.

  5. The improved colors are great! Not too jazzed about that black around the cup/bowl though.
    You'll definately want to watch out for her shoulders from seeming narrow ... but i'm probably thinking this because of the olive green shadow lining her shoulder and especially the darker shade on top of the oliveish shadow on her right.

  6. wait.... this is supposed to be a woman???

    I thought it was a man! I kind of like that it's androgynous ;D

  7. Oh, i taste that furious paint, and it tastes good, lookin' nice man