Monday, May 11, 2009

First Post

Hey everyone, first post here. This was for the Wizards "Agents of Artifice" contest that I finished up recently. Some really nice work on here guys. 
Thanks for having me.



  1. wow dude this is some serious stuff. The levels of realism and imagination are insane.

    First thought is about the background though. Right now you've got a light yellow background against a light yellow face thats only maybe 1 or 2 values different. Yes, you do have the hair being your darkest dark so you still have a focal point at the head, but I'm thinking what could really give this thing some serious impact is a reverse gradation in the yellow background to the light source. So glaze it darker toward the top and pretty gradate to where it is at the bottom. this way you can get a bigger value change where the face and hands meet the background. The character is going to counter change the background and pop forward more. And since the light source is coming from the top, its going to add an atmosphere to the air since it will feel like the light in the background is acting the same way as in the foreground.

    The only other thing i could comment on would be. I think it looks a little like the magic is coming from behind the hands. If thats what you were going for then great, but i think what you were trying to do was have it emanate from around them. Thats up to you though.

    Compositionally this thing sits beautifully on the picture plane, it flows perfectly, every time my eye is drawn to an edge something brings my eye right back in.

    Great, great stuff man.

  2. Gorgeous. I wish I would've known about that contest. ;) Awesome piece, man.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Good thoughts Drew. I definitely have to go back into this on just a little. I was really pressed for time getting it in to Wizards. I like your idea about gradation in the yellow. For some reason, it is showing really saturated over the web, so I think this is also adding to the foreground/background problem.
    I also hear what you're saying about the magic and her hands. Especially her right hand looks to be a bit in front of the source. I'll have another go at that. Thanks a lot man!

  4. always buddy...... you've gotten freakin' good bro.