Friday, May 8, 2009

Jubilation Lee

This was a personal commission-- the first time I got asked to make fanart for anyone, and it was SUPER fun. I didn't really grow up reading xmen but Jubilee seems pretty cool-- the only request the commissioner really had was that I use zhang ziyi as a reference for her face, which is sweet because I think she's gorgeous.

Anywaysssss it was nice to do something that I could just sort of have fun with, it's been a while since I just drew a figure and nothing else. fun fun fun.


  1. Ive been trying to think of something to say about this seeing as how its a character design. I will say that the energy arc is a little too even toned and bright compared to the rest of the character that its a little hard to look at anything else.

    Maybe watch the anatomy on her left foot. Lol and love the hentai oblique track marks. you perv. beautiful figure though, as always with you.

    Id love to see a hint of a background but thats just me.

    cool stuff.

  2. Just came across this 3 years late. I like the redesign and it would work with her new vampire personna as well.