Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hi! Here's a painting!

'Finished' this one yesterday for the Agents of Artifice competition over at WotC. Any input is welcome!


  1. Nice, i like how it reads really well when its small. Based on the impact of the image id say this is one of your best pieces to date. I'm trying to find things to pick on but I cant really see anything. i guess the knife gets a little lost because the values are close to the values in the background, like in front of the light body the knife is light, and in front of the dark background the knife and hand are relatively dark. I probably would have reversed that to push it out, but on the other hand if you didn't want that to read up front then what you did seems to work. I think you did some cool stuff with the magic. next time you do that see if you can kind make it flow more, it gets a little jagged in some spots, although maybe its cool. I guess its growing on me. Although it would be cool to work in some translucency. Damn dude, awesome piece though.

  2. HelloOo. wow you guys are on fire!! any room for me to join? hehehe
    gotta get drawing here too!!! >=]

    awesome painting - really love her pose and confidence! the thing that's bothering me though is the yellow haze in the left of the picture; i'm not sure what it is.. it looks like its a random airbrush mark. and i think it would be neat if you had some of that yellow light on the blade edge of the knife as well, just a teensy bit.. considering how things further away from it (such as her face) has the yellow glow hitting the surface as well.

    hope you win the competition! =D


  3. Thanks guys! So glad this one is having the impact, considering it was my fastest painted piece all year. Ruth- yeah, I've been conflicted about the yellow light too. Seeing it digitally really makes it weirder than in the painting, which tells me it needs work. I want to touch up a few things on this and I will repost. Drew- I will give the magic another pass for translucency too, I think you're right.

    You're up Ruth! Draw something- do it! :) The fantasy team is officially here- LOL.

  4. Very very nice Kristina-- the only thing I feel a need to point out is that there could be more delicacy in the lines in areas like the hair and the magic smoke/energy/whatever-- they seem a bit chunky right now. I feel like you really succeeded at getting some delicate, whispy lines on the cat man portrait you did and I'd like to see some of that in this one too.

  5. I dont think you need to see the yellow light source. The light is meant to tell the turning form more dramatically, let it do that without having to deal with the baggage of extra subject matter. Noone will question you.

  6. also i think the knife bearing arm might pop forward more if you bring the whisp of magic that is in front of the elbow to the back the back so the elbow is in front of it. it will also help put a compositional stop so your eye doesnt leave through the side of the picture.