Sunday, May 24, 2009

Art order : The usual suspects

Hello all, I'm FINALLY posting here, through all the flurry of May activities.... And finally managed to squeeze in some art too! This is my entry for the Artorder concept challenge for this week, silhouettes for the Striker, Defender, Controller and Leader. Not sure how this weeks stuff is going to roll but if there is indeed voting, please vote for me! =D
I'm also doing the IDW and Artorder's other challenge (Variations on a theme) too... hopefully I can finish those as well!

Okay. Time to go grab large amounts of coffee and work. work work work.


  1. ruth if you steal my votes..... I'll...... I'll..... I'LL!!!!!!!!! fight you. thats right. ill fight a girl. what... what..

    that being said, some cool ideas here. on a small scale it looks like your striker is giving the camera the finger.

  2. hahaha thanks! your thumbnails are pretty cool too!
    the striker is supposed to be the leader but i guess that didn't read clearly.. oh wells. =P

  3. Yay Ruth! Great job- can't wait to see more!