Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dwarves are cool

So I failed to give myself enough time to complete the latest art order challenge. I was going to do a series of dwarvish armor, but alas life got in the way (which is odd since I've been under the assumption that I lack one). So as a punishment (reward) for myself I'm taking one of the designs I had made up and am going to take it further into an illustration. I figure this will be a good opportunity to work up an action piece which I think my portfolio seriously lacks.

In anycase above is the sketch that I worked up. I 'm kind of unsure of the formatting of it or the placement of the character (I think he should be more to the right but that would be cutting off his foot) but any crits or comments at this early stage would be appreciated.


  1. he looks like he's aiming for something/someone's shooting at him...
    you should extend the canvas to the left/bottom so that you could also depict the action/environment around the dwarf and we could get a clue of what's going on/who/what is shooting at him. It'd make a nice action piece, once you put two figures in there.

  2. i would tend to disagree with ruth on this one. After looking at it a while i realized that he's perched up on a tree with arrows shooting up at him. The way i read it initially (which i actually think is better) is the character bounding into the foreground and vaulting over the tree limb running away from arrows whizzing past him coming from the background and into the foreground. I feel like the second has more story and adds more action to the piece. a static figure tends to calm the piece down, even if he's in anticipation of movement. Having him running away will also imply figures in the background that you cant see.

    looks like it could be a cool piece, keep goin