Friday, January 22, 2010

Hey Everyone thanks for all the comments on my last post. That piece was just a sample i did and finished just in time for spectrum. I need to be done with it for right now and move on, but I'll probably come back to it and do all the things you guys suggested soon.

Anyway i made a new post so all of you who use a program to monitor the blog would see it. I'm a part of, which is like the site but for up and coming artists rather than well known professionals and its still really new. The people who get in have to be voted on by the people who are already members.

This unfortunately means that sometimes there's some idiots voting down a lot of good people and I'm starting to think its because they don't want people who are better than them on the site. There's a much better chance of getting on if you're invited by an existing member.

So I want to extend invitations out to everyone on here who wants one. If the site takes off it could be really cool and a good way to be seen. You guys probably know a couple people on the site already like Francis Vallejo (he seems like a cool guy but it gets under my skin that hes so famous already...) Anyway, shoot me an email or a comment on this post and ill set up an invitation for you.

And keep posting on Tasty Paint! We got a good thing going here and its seemed to whittle down to only a few people posting. I think back to how awesome it was in Sal's class and sometimes it makes me sad. Miss you guys.


  1. Sweet, sounds good to me. Shoot me an invitation when you can and thanks.

  2. alright dude its set up, I dont know if you got an email or something but I filled out the form and you're on the voting page, i got all the info from your website.

  3. hey Drew, it's intimidating and I tried talking myself out of it but,
    what the hell, I want to give it a shot. How do I start?

  4. Makes me kind of sad/annoyed that ohger is only for recent graduates of 2009, I graduated in 2008 and would've loved to be on Ohger, I applied but I guess I don't meet the requirements. Talk about shitty timing.

    Best of luck, Andrew. The work looks great!