Thursday, January 21, 2010

new one



  1. Fuck dude, this is ridiculous. I honestly can't pick at anything. Everything is so well done.

    Mad props dude.

    What did you do this for? Is there any story behind it?

  2. Drew this is gorgeous! Seriously your understanding of light and color gets better and better. The glow behind the hands is especially well done. I love what you are doing with integrating patterns as well. great job on the fur texture as well.

    I think the thing that is weakest in this piece right now is your fabric. Your folds always tend to be a little too generally soft I think. Really do some some studies on folds, varying thickness and texture of fabric. Especially the blue sleeves look made up compared to the rest. Remember you have a yellow light source, so when it interacts with the blue fabric- it will make some greenish highlights. And don't forget about putting color in those shadows.

    Seriously, overall this is a big leap. OK- now do five more! :)

  3. your lighting and colors have really really improved compared to your old stuff! i love her expression, and the patterns you got going on her outfit, and especially that fur? dust? that's lit up and being blown away from the monkey's back... that's a nice punch of detail =)

    have to agree with kristina about the folds of the fabric..and i also think one thing that's lacking is the lacking in this piece and your stuff in general is some textures.. like in this case textures in the fabric and walls, as they both seem very smooth like the girls' face and hands. nice job on the monkey though.

    anyways lovely piece, give yourself a pat on the back. can't wait to what else you come up with..