Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cuz I wanna be a cow-boy bay-beeeee!!!!!

Alright so im probably gonna do a little bit more for the space mechanic piece. Mainly just adding more dirt and such, but for now i needed a break from it and decided to completely revamp a piece people are kind of lukewarm about. So far here is what i got...

I added some more space on the right to give his gaze some breathing room, and worked out the details from his waist up and lightened everything so it can be seen better. The biggest thing so far is the rework of the horse who's just blocked in so far but is a far better representation of a horse then the siamese cat horse in the old version.

The story is that this guy just rode up to this house or barn that is burning which will be the source of the warm light. We cant see the house because its off the frame to the right so i need to add things to show that this is the front yard of some sort of structure that is in fact on fire. Don't know how exactly im going to do that without killing the composition. Im thinking i might also add his trusty dog who is reacting to the fire (probably barking) just to the right of the horse looking in the same direction as the guy.

Anyway, as much as I like the fact that I'm improving my pieces, i really wish i was better last year when i made them so i didn't have to do this. I feel like one year shouldn't have made this much of a difference in ability. If you guys have any input about anything that can help, let me know. I'd love to hear it.


  1. Damn dude it's crazy how we all looked at these last year and the difference now.

    Everything is so much more solid. I can't believe we couldn't see that before.


  2. maybe you could have a rickety old fence structure to the left of the composition (on the right side of the horse). The smoke makes a nice composition but the way that it's billowing right now it looks like the fire is behind him