Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exhibit A

Going of with the idea of Cronos eating his children and watching
Evangelion. This is what I came up with.

Any suggestions?

By the way if any of you guys haven't seen it, netflix it or buy it. It is that good!


  1. I like the sense of scale you're going for Ricardo! I might suggest emerging him in the environment more and playing more with the shapes in the landscapes. Right now it's very much the cardboard stage set environment- flat planes pasted on top of one another. Check out Princess Mononoke and the later scenes with the deer god rampaging. Myazaki does epic scale beautifully. I also really like the creepy androgynous Cronos thing you've created- a little anatomy study to inform those angles and muscles would help really flesh him out.

    As for Evangelion. You haven't gotten very far in it have you? I thought the same thing until the creator went crazy and lost all his funding but kept making it. It gets.... wierd. To put it politely.

    Keep working on the piece! Good start!

  2. Thanks for the tips, will definitely work on all those things.

    As for Eva, I saw it when I was like 12 years old when it aired in Puerto Rico. So I don't remember anything lol. I just finished it and it really is disappointing. BUT! They are remaking the entire series as we speak with an astronomical budget. Let's hope they figure out a better ending this time lol