Wednesday, April 22, 2009


'Cause I'm not. What I am ready for is some Portfolio review. Today I realized that I'm the first person in the entire senior class to get nit-picked by our gracious and oft peacocking chair. I'm not sweating it, in case you were wondering though, I've got my semi-gloss paper, my oversized portfolio book and the grit and determination to take the whole fucking world on at this point... Oh yeah and incase the whole illustration thing doesn't work out, I just applied for a job at Da Vinci. Although, as we speak, I'm maniacally scanning all my work (because, frankly ((and pardon my Swahili)) fuck mounting and matting) I'm probably not gonna have any shite to throw up before tomorrow. So, hey everybody let's really win this one for the Gipper. Go Team!

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